About This Site

This site is operated by Anywhere Sameday Couriers. We operate a same day courier service throughout the UK and inevitably, despite using their best efforts and the latest technology to avoid traffic problems, our drivers are occasionally delayed in making their deliveries through no fault of their own.

It’s often several days, sometimes even weeks, later when the customer queries why their urgent parcel was delivered later than expected and it’s important to us that we can give our customers a better response than a vague “the driver was stuck in traffic” – the age-old excuse of all unreliable same day courier companies.

Although the various traffic report services are very good at keeping us informed of what’s happening now, they’re not so good at telling us what happened yesterday or last Friday – so we decided to start our own permanent archive of traffic reports. We simply aggregate RSS feeds from various sources and record them permanently on the site.

It’s not foolproof and some reports do get lost in the ether somewhere but it’s proved an invaluable tool in providing our customers with ‘after the event’ evidence of road conditions on the day their deliveries were carried out.

Information is compiled from the following sources:

The Highways Agency – www.highways.gov.uk

Transport Scotland – www.transportscotland.gov.uk

Traffic Wales (Traffig Cymru) – www.traffic-wales.com

The Met Office www.metoffice.gov.uk

Links to the above websites and the RSS feeds used are available on this page.

We are Anywhere Sameday Couriers – www.anywherecouriers.co.uk

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this site please feel free to contact us using the email address which appears on the Contact page of our company website.

This website is operated by Anywhere Sameday Couriers, the UK Same Day Courier specialists.