M8 J22 W – E Plantation – Closure

1. Total closure of eastbound carriageway between slip off to the secondary carriageway and the M77 northbound on slip.
2. Total Closure of M77 northbound carriageway to M8 eastbound carriageway
3. Total Closure of Junction 23 eastbound Onslip
4. Offside and middle lane closure eastbound carriageway from Junction 24 becoming a total closure of eastbound carriageway at slip off to secondary carriageway.
5. Progressive Offside and adjacent lanes on M77 northbound carriageway becoming a total at M77 onslip to M8 eastbound secondary carriageway.
1) Continue to North Street – Charing Cross eastbound Onslip
2a)M8 eastbound Secondary carriageway – Weir St off ramp – Paisley Rd – Kingston St – Commerce St – A814 Broomielaw – North St – Junction 19 Anderson eastbound on ramp.
2b)M8 eastbound Secondary carriageway – Weir St off ramp – Paisley Rd – Kingston St – Tradeston St – Cook St – Junction 20 West St eastbound on ramp and follow signs
4. Continue to M77 northbound onslip to M8 eastbound Secondary Carriageway and follow Div 1a and 1b
Div4a: Continue Dumbreck Rd. southbound – M77 Junction 1 northbound on slip & Div 2
Div4b: Continue Dumbreck Rd. northbound – Broomloan Rd- Edminston Dr.-Helen St-Junction 24 on eastbound slip and follow Div 1a and 1b

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