Cleared: A725 B761 Whitemoss -A726 Birniehill – Closure

All lanes closed in both directions.Diversion is as follows:
Closure A725 at Whitemoss Roundabout – leave taking a right turn 3rd exit onto Whitemoss Avenue – Priestknowe Roundabout take left 1st exit onto Churchill Avenue – at Centre Roundabout take 1st left – continue to Murray Roundabout and join A726 .

Closure A726/A725 at Birniehill Roundabout – divert traffic to Murray Roundabout (A726) – take right 3rd exit onto Churchill Avenue.
Traffic on A726 arriving at Murray Roundabout take left 1st exit – Churchill Avenue.

Both take 3rd exit at Centre Roundabout and continue to Priestknowe Roundabout – take right 3rd exit on Whitemoss Avenue to rejoin A725 at Whitemoss Roundabout.
This incident has now cleared.

Archived from Traffic Scotland at 6:46 am, October 24, 2010